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by Maddy West, ETC blog contributor Most people have a hard time getting through their day without snacking a bit, so why not treat yourself and make it a healthy one! A snack is something that you munch on between meals and is “officially” defined as a “meal”...

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by Krystal Hawks, ETC blog contributor It’s understandable that you need a little boost in the mornings to get everyone on the bus, to prepare school lunches, to make sure they packed their soccer cleats. Going the day without caffeine is like going the day without...

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by Krystal Hawks, ETC blog contributor With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, why not embrace the four-leaf clover and all of our other leafy greens! These magical veggies are full of fiber and other various vitamins and minerals that protect against many diseases like...

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by Krystal Hawks, ETC blog contributor Even though the days become shorter and the temperature drops, don’t make winter synonymous with weight gain. On average, Northerners can pack on more than seven pounds throughout the winter. That’s insane! Don’t let this be...

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