Give Back

Be Healthy. Eat Chocolate. Give Back.

The final branch of Eat the Chocolate was put into place when Kathleen and Teri began learning about kids and families who don’t have all the resources they need to eat healthy right in their own hometown. Without access to fresh fruits and veggies, no healthy meal plan or healthy cooking class was going to make a real difference to them.

They know there are some amazing ideas of how to solve problems like food deserts and food insecurities from those who actually live in them. Kathleen and Teri want to support and advocate for these ideas. So the final branch of Eat the Chocolate, the ETC Grant Program was established: Be Healthy. Eat Chocolate. Give Back.

The ETC Grant Program is about creating awareness. It’s about playing a role in something bigger. And it’s about making a difference.

Kathleen and Teri have committed to donating a portion of their profits to their ETC Grant Program. For every meal plan, class, or registration through Eat the Chocolate, 10% goes to the ETC Grant Program.