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Healthy Kids Cooking Classes

What started as 2 moms simply wanting to fit back in their pants and not feel deprived in the process has turned into a mission for creating healthier families. Our mission at Eat the Chocolate is to eat healthy and still include chocolate treats.

With feedback from our Chocolate fans, we are thrilled to have expanded our mission to include a Healthy Kids Cooking Class! Our goal is to teach kids (including our own!) how to become a little more aware of what they’re eating and how they can make a few small changes, one choice at a time.

We began teaching classes in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA this fall. We currently have 4 Cooking Class Curriculums: Community Class, Preschool Class, an After School 4 Week Course, and a few Girl Scout Badge Courses. Click the link below for details! Our plan is to continue to teach locally but ultimately we want to teach and share with other moms our Healthy Kids curriculum so they can carry out our mission in their hometowns.

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30 Day Online Meal Planning Course

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Our 30-Day Online Meal Planning Course includes everything you need for step-by-step meal planning success, including quick, informative videos, planning tools, healthy recipe resources, a live Q&A, and much more!

After you register, you’ll join in our Exclusive Online Private Facebook Group with tips on how to save money, time, and stress so you can become a healthy meal planning master!

While each week will build upon the last in this group, we will also give you the tools and resources to start planning healthier meals your family will enjoy right away.

And of course, because we feel balance is so important, we will teach you how to eat healthy and save room for chocolate treats!

Click Learn More to see when our next Meal Planning Online Course will be offered!