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What started as 2 moms simply wanting to fit back in their pants and not feel deprived in the process has turned into a mission for creating healthier families. Our mission at Eat the Chocolate is to eat healthy most of the time while still including chocolate treats.

With feedback from our Chocolate fans, we are thrilled to have expanded our mission to include Healthy Kids Cooking Classes! Our goal is to teach kids (including our own!) how to become a little more aware of what they’re eating and how they can make a few small changes, one choice at a time.

We found that our Facebook videos of us cooking healthy treats with our boys, inspired others to get their kids involved with learning, cooking and eating healthier. Our message of teaching kids how eating healthy most of time and learning some healthy eating principles has expanded to local community centers, classrooms and girl scout troops!

We began teaching classes in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA in the fall of 2016. We currently have 4 Cooking Class Curriculums: Community Class, Preschool Class, an After School 4 Week Course, and a few Girl Scout Badge Courses. See below for details on how to get your child involved! Our plan is to continue to teach locally but ultimately we want to teach and share with other moms our meal plans as well as our Healthy Kids curriculum so they can carry out our mission in their hometowns.

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What Does a Healthy Kids Cooking Class Involve?

  • Learn age appropriate healthy eating principles using whole foods and all natural ingredients and why these are good for our bodies.
  • Cook healthy kid-friendly snacks or meals that include fruits, veggies, whole grains, and a bit of chocolate!
  • Create your own Eat the Chocolate Chef Hat and feel like a real chef!
  • Take Home a craft, recipes, samples, and leftovers for your family.

  Goals and Objectives:

  • To teach students simple, fun, delicious ways to eat healthier
  • To teach students about kitchen safety
  • To involve students in hands-on healthy recipe creations they can share at home
  • To teach students about balance: eat healthy most of the time and still have occasional treats

My daughter loved the class –this morning she had me check to see how many ingredients were in the apple sauce I buy for her–it’s organic unsweetened so luckily it passed!
-Lori, mom of 5 year old chef

This was fun! I think Eat the Chocolate should go on Shark Tank. You would do well!
-Diya, 8 year old chef

We celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. The class was a part of my daughter’s Hanukkah present. She said after class the next morning, “Some gifts can’t be wrapped!”  We had to address her as “chef” last night!
-Carla, mom of 6 year old chef

My child had so much fun last night and kept asking when
there would be another class!
-Stephanie of 6 year old chef

My son really enjoyed your class and learned a lot as well. In fact, he told me that we needed to buy different pancake syrup because the one we have in our pantry is not as healthy as the one in the maple leaf jar!
-Steph, Mom of 6 year old chef

Having my kids learn how to make healthy food that tastes good is important to me and my family. I want them to start learning how to make good food choices. …and I get a stress-free meal plan with a ton of kid-approved recipes to take home? You can’t beat that!
-Lisa, Mom of 7 and 9 year old chefs

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost varies depending on which cooking class your child is attending. Our popular two hour community classes are $39. For just $39 your child will get to create 3 healthy (and delicious) snacks, make a chef’s hat craft, and learn age-appropriate healthy eating principles. Click on the links above to see pricing for our other courses: Preschool Program, After School Healthy Snacks Course, and our Girl Scout Badge Cooking Classes.

What is Included in the Price?

LEARN – Mini lessons where children will learn age appropriate healthy eating principles and topics that value good nutrition including:
-whole foods vs processed foods
-how fruits and vegetables help fuel our bodies
-why ingredient lists are important
-cutting back sugar using all natural ingredients and sugar substitutes

COOK – A family-centered, hands-on cooking and snack preparation experience including
measuring ingredients, reading recipes, and group work.

CREATE – Each child will create their own Chef Hat as well as a fun food craft!

EAT – Each child will enjoy tasting what he/she makes in class.

TAKE HOME – Your child will enjoy sharing with you and your family what they make! Plus they will get copies of all the recipes as well so they can make the healthy snacks at home!

Who is Behind the Healthy Kids Cooking Classes?

Teri Schall has degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. A former First Grade Teacher and Family Child Care Provider, she has most recently developed a passion for nutrition and fitness. Currently, she is a Health and Fitness Coach and enjoys sharing her passion with children, adults and families.

Kathleen Petulla is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in oncology and child and family therapy. As a Health and Fitness Coach, she has grown her passion for connecting physical and emotional health, particularly in learning and teaching how nutrition plays a roll in how we feel.

Do you Account for Allergies and Food Preferences?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate all food allergies. For each class we provide a detailed ingredient list so parents can review it before registering. Our in-school classes are peanut free.

What are ETC's favorite kid-friendly kitchen items?

Many of our Healthy Kids Cooking Class participants ask, “Where did you get ___________?”

Visit our favorite kitchen items page here:

How Was Eat the Chocolate Created?

As moms and health & fitness professionals, we are incredibly familiar with hectic schedules, emotional eating, and putting ourselves on the back burner as we care for everyone else. Let’s face it, it’s hard to take back control when we feel like we’re in survival mode most days!

Even though we want better health and good nutrition for ourselves and our families, too many of us give up before we even get started. We aren’t sure where to start. We fear our kids (and/or spouses) will turn up their noses at our attempts at healthy recipes. We worry that eating healthy is too complicated for our family’s busy schedule. We fear feeling deprived of the foods we crave.

We know these fears and worries. We live them too. Everyday. But we also know, from our own changes and the families we’ve worked with over the years, that being healthy doesn’t have to be overwhelming and complicated. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Small changes can have big impacts. You don’t have to go it alone.

Most of all, we know that feeling deprived won’t work. That’s how we came up with our name – Eat the Chocolate – to remind ourselves that we can be healthy and still have room for foods we love. Especially chocolate.

All of our recipes, meal plans and courses follow our motto: Be healthy most of the time. Stay active. Love yourself. And #eatthechocolate.

Our Guiding Principles:

All of our healthy recipes, meal plans, and courses are busy-mom and kid-approved. Plus, they are also backed by our Eat the Chocolate Nutritionist to ensure that health and balance are maintained in each recipe and meal plan.*

We believe in these core principles:
1. Eat healthy most of the time (80/20). This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix diet.
2. Cut back on processed foods and eat more whole foods.
3. Have a plan each week to save time, money and sanity at meal time.
4. Enjoy occasional chocolate each week, guilt free!

*We strive to meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.