Healthy Meals. Chocolate Encouraged.

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Meal plans with healthy, simple recipes your family will love! Weekly chocolate treats included!

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Learn everything you need for step-by-step meal planning success in this 4 Week course. #chocolateadded

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Kids will learn simple, fun and delicious ways to eat healthier. Chocolate treats included!

Healthy Meals. Chocolate Encouraged. 

As members of the #momo3boysclub, we are no strangers to tight fitting pants post-babies and crazy-bus schedules with kids, work and households to maintain. When we decided it was time to get back on track with our own nutrition, we developed a passion for creating simple ways to feed our families quick, healthy meals that are budget friendly and kid approved. Our meal plans are mostly healthy but save some room for #chocolate treats each week!

After creating our first meal plan, more need began to unfold. We realized that their original 3-Week Back-to-Basics Meal Plan was just scratching the surface. People were actually seeing results from using it! A comprehensive healthy meal plan that includes chocolate meant people were actually able to stick with it! Hooray! The requests for more healthy recipes and meal plans poured in.

Many wanted to learn how the meal plan was put together: What does “clean eating” mean? Which foods go together? Why is snacking between meals important? How can we adjust the plan to fit our family’s needs and preferences and still be healthy?

And so, Eat the Chocolate grew to serve our community. Along with our nutritionist-approved meal plans we offer a 4 Week Online Healthy Balance 101 course, as well as teach Pittsburgh local Healthy Cooking Classes for Kids!