Meal Planning

Is it possible to eat chocolate and still be healthy? Absolutely. The key is to have a plan.

Be healthy. Eat Chocolate. Make a Plan.

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Healthy Kids Cooking Classes

Eating healthy isn’t just for moms. Kids and whole families want in on the action. Healthy Kids Cooking Classes are here.

Be healthy. Eat Chocolate. Pass it on.

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Give Back

Not everyone has access to healthy foods, including some people in our hometown. We want to change that.

Be healthy. Eat chocolate. Give back.

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Eat the Chocolate Evolution

Two moms, Kathleen and Teri, each with 3 boys wanted to take back control of their chaotic lives and finally fit back into their pre-pregnancy pants. They knew they needed to eat healthier, but they didn’t want to give up chocolate.

They found they weren’t alone. Many of their friends, family and clients they worked with through their health and fitness businesses felt the same. So they came up with a meal plan that was mostly healthy and still saved room for chocolate treats. After all, they wanted to help people (and themselves!) find a healthy path they could stick with for the long haul. And let’s be real, a meal plan without chocolate isn’t really a plan at all.

They called their first meal plan “Eat the Chocolate” as a reminder to themselves and their clients that it is possible (and preferable) to eat the darn chocolate and still stay on a healthy path.

Be healthy. Eat Chocolate. Make a Plan.

Since that first meal plan, more need began to unfold.

They realized that their original 3-Week Back-to-Basics Meal Plan was just scratching the surface. People were actually seeing results from using it! A comprehensive healthy meal plan that includes chocolate meant people were actually able to stick with it! Hooray!

Then the requests came in –

Many wanted to learn how the meal plan was put together. What does “clean eating” mean? Which foods go together? Why was snacking between meals important? How can we get more healthy and kid-friendly recipes to plug into our meal plan?

And so, the first branch of Eat the Chocolate grew into what is now called: Be healthy. Eat chocolate. Make a plan.

It includes the Original Meal Plan, Fall Favorites Meal Plan, and has expanded to also include a Monthly ETC Meal Plan Subscription Program and the ETC Online 30-Day Meal Planning Bootcamp.

Be healthy. Eat chocolate. Pass it on.

From there, the FB videos of Kathleen and Teri cooking with their boys, inspired others to get their kids involved with learning, cooking and eating healthier too. The message of eating healthy most and learning some healthy eating principles was expanded to local community centers and classrooms with the ETC Healthy Kids Cooking Classes. And with it, another branch of Eat the Chocolate was established: Be healthy. Eat chocolate. Pass it on.

This branch includes classes designed for kids and families to learn more about healthy food choices, how to read labels, and how to make healthy swaps for unhealthy foods.

Be healthy. Eat chocolate. Give back.

The final piece of Eat the Chocolate was put into place when Kathleen and Teri began learning about kids and families who didn’t have all the resources they needed to eat healthy right in their own hometown. Without access to fresh fruits and veggies, no healthy meal plan or healthy cooking class was going to make a real difference to them.

They know there are some amazing ideas of how to solve problems like food deserts and food insecurities from those who actually live in them. Kathleen and Teri wanted to support and advocate for these ideas. So they established the final branch of Eat the Chocolate: Be healthy. Eat chocolate. Give back.

The ETC Grant Program is about creating awareness. It’s about playing a role in something bigger. And it’s about making a difference.

They’ve committed to donating for every participant who registers for a Healthy Kids Cooking Class, every person who purchases a meal plan, subscribes to the Meal Plan Program, or joins the Online Meal Plan Bootcamp, $x or x% goes to their ETC Grant Program.

Their goal is to raise $1 million by 2020.

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