meet usKathleen has a background in Oncology Social Work. Though she readily admits she initially started focusing on healthier nutrition to fit back into her pants comfortably after having her 3 sons, she has gained so much more!

Around that same time, she became much more aware at the role nutrition can play in overall health – how we look, how we feel, and how our bodies function.

What she found was that the same nutrition principles she was learning to help her lose that stubborn baby weight were the same nutrition principles that apply to overall health! Like cutting back on processed foods, watching portion sizes, and including more super foods in favorite recipes.

Possibly the most eye-opening thing she learned is that weight loss is actually a by-product of proper nutrition. Overall health is the goal, not just weight loss. When we eat better, we naturally lose weight, but even more than that, we just plain feel better! Learn more about Kathleen by visiting awakeningsfitness.

meet us, Teri SchallTeri Schall has degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. A former First Grade Teacher and Family Child Care Provider, she has most recently developed a passion for nutrition and fitness. Currently, she is a Health and Fitness Coach and enjoys sharing her passion with children, adults and families.

She is also a former Penn State volleyball collegiate athlete. She enjoys coaching young athletes in the sport of volleyball. Her favorite past time is watching and cheering on her 3 sons during their sporting events.

While continuing her love for teaching and coaching, Teri developed a passion (and a need!) to find quick and easy ways to get healthy, kid-approved meals on the table for her growing and very active 3 sons. With a self-proclaimed sweet tooth, Teri knew she needed to find a way to be healthy and still save room for chocolate each week. It’s this inspiration that led to the partnership with Kathleen, and the development of our original Eat the Chocolate, 3-Week Meal Plan! Visit Teri’s website, to learn more!

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Meet the “Eat the Chocolate” Nutrition Consultant Lynne Hutchison

With a background in Middle Childhood Education and coaching, Lynne’s nutrition passion is to help families bond over a healthy meal, as well as to fight food insecurity within the community. Lynne currently teaches undergraduate Nutrition courses at
Kent State University. She is a chocolate-enthusiast and loves making delicious dessert recipes with her sister, as well as growing tasty vegetables in her garden.

How “Eat the Chocolate” Came to Be…

eat the chocolate, meet us, about us, Teri Schall, Kathleen PetullaBoth members of the #MomsOf3BoysClub, we are no strangers to tight-fitting pants post-babies and crazy-busy schedules with kids, work, and households to maintain.

When we decided it was time to get back on track with our own nutrition, we soon developed a passion for finding simple ways to feed our families quick, healthy meals that are budget-friendly and kid-approved. By paying attention to portion sizes and cutting back on processed foods, not only did our pants start fitting better, we just plain felt better too!

We also realized, however, that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle we couldn’t completely deprive ourselves, particularly when it comes to chocolate! By finding ways to include chocolate in every meal plan, we are able to stick with this healthier lifestyle for the long haul.

It was a natural fit for us to team up together to create real, easy-to-follow meal plans that help families follow healthy nutrition principles. By leaving a little room in the meal plans each week for chocolate treats, we knew these would be meal plans families could stick with long term.

Healthy Meals. Chocolate Encouraged.