Just Eat the Freaking Chocolate.

by | Jun 13, 2016

Listen. What if I told you that having a little chocolate every day could actually help you stay on track and be healthy? #truestory

I’m not talking about the nutritional health benefits of chocolate. I’m talking about the psychological ones.

It’s the start that stops most people.

This is for-real something I’ve seen happen more than a few times.

Jane knows something needs to change. Even her “fat” jeans aren’t fitting anymore. She doesn’t have the energy to play with her kids, much less exercise. She’s pulling the frozen pizza out to throw in the oven for dinner for the 3rd night this week. Her Facebook newsfeed is a-buzz with gym selfies while her self-esteem is heading straight for the gutter.

In her heart, she knows some things she could do on her own to start making changes. ‘I could walk a little in the evenings,’ she thinks. ‘I could make a few of the healthy recipes I’ve pinned.’

But she is convinced that if she joins a “program” that they’ll make her give up her coffee creamer. She can’t live without cream in her coffee… so… ‘Just for get it,’ she thinks. ‘I could never give up my hazelnut coffee creamer.’ And so she stays stuck right where she is.

Over coffee creamer.

And if it’s not over coffee creamer, it’s over a favorite chocolate chip cookie. Or a couple Hershey kisses.

Seriously? Just have the darn cream in your coffee, Jane, and still make the other healthy changes!

Go for your walk, eat the healthy salad, and enjoy your coffee WITH cream!

I mean, just eat the freaking chocolate if that’s what you love, and still make the other healthy changes!


Wanting or needing one favorite little thing can’t be the reason we don’t start down a healthy path.

Real change and really getting started with healthy habits isn’t an all or nothing proposition. In fact, finding ways to include the things we love helps motivate us to keep going.

Completely depriving ourselves of things we love never works. I mean, maybe we can do that for a day or two, but long-term? Forget it.

But let’s be honest. You know what else never works? Not getting started.

So here’s what I propose, Jane. Do both. Go for your walk, replace the frozen pizzas with some of those healthy recipes you’ve pinned, AND still have that special cream in your coffee you love so much.

Just eat the freaking chocolate and get started!



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