online course, online class, meal planning, boot camp, 30 days, learn, healthy eating, clean eating, dinnertimeLearn how to make real, lasting change to your family’s health.

When combining the knowledge of a nutritionist with the practical application of an educator, as well as the deeper understanding of a therapist, this 4-Week Online Course provides a foundation for real change when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle.

Participants will learn, apply, and understand ways to improve their nutritional health with the support and accountability of an online groupl Each week builds upon the last and will contain specific guidelines and measures to help every participant achieve success with their nutritional health.

Throughout the course, our Eat the Chocolate team will break down the steps to creating and sticking with a healthy meal plan by sharing the very formula they use each week with their own families! We share tips and tricks to save time, money, and stress! Participants get access to exclusive resources, tools, support, and easy-to-follow steps to learn how to create their own healthy weekly meal plans (that include chocolate treats, of course)!


Our Eat the Chocolate 4-Week Healthy Balance 101 Course is for the busy person who

  • Wants to understand what “healthy” nutrition really means with practical tips to help get started.
  • Is ready to make a change to their health and is motivated to put forth the effort.
  • Knows that being healthy is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.


Our course runs through a private online Facebook group, with the option of participation through email. Through sample meal plans, videos, posts, live Q&A, and weekly challenges participants will:

1. Learn about nutrition misconceptions and clean eating basics – including portion sizes and label reading.

2. Apply new nutrition knowledge to shop smarter, save money, and become a meal planning master.

3. Understand emotional eating and how to create balance between eating the things we love while still striving for overall health.

This combination, along with the support of a like-minded group, is a formula for healthy change and success!


1. Healthy Meal Planning WITH Chocolate Treats
>Step-by-step guide to healthy, successful meal planning
>How to pair foods together to feel fuller, longer
>Clean eating basics – including portion sizes and label reading,
>Key components of creating a healthy grocery list
>How to keep your plan running smoothly

2. Virtual Grocery Store Tour and Pantry Makeover
>Learn to shop smarter and save money at the grocery store
>Know which foods always make the list (and which don’t!)
>Learn how to read labels and avoid grocery store marketing
>See and apply a healthy pantry makeover

3. Exclusive Private Facebook Group
>Live Q&A with our team
>Daily support with time and money saving tips
>Direction of where to find healthy recipes and resources
>Learn how to include your busy life in your meal plan

4. Emotional Support and Training
>Emotional eating: Feeding the wrong hunger and how to address it
>Secrets of creating new habits and back up plans
>Learn how to give yourself permission to give up perfection and “eat the freaking chocolate“!
>Learn how to be healthy in unsupportive family environments and social gatherings.

All for only $59!

(That’s less than $2 a day!)

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What is included in the price?

For just $59 you get:

Step-by-step guide to healthy, successful meal planning
> Quick, informative videos including, planning tools and healthy recipe resources
> 4 Weeks in our Exclusive Online Private Facebook Group with tips on how to save money, time, and stress at meal time and still eat chocolate!
> Live Q&A with our team!
> Tools and resources to start planning healthier meals your family will enjoy right away, as well as information each week that will build upon the last to help you become a healthy meal planning master!
> Virtual grocery store tour and pantry makeover!
> Daily support with time and money saving tips
>Emotional eating support: how to identify, address and create new healthy habits and back up plans
>Confidence to plan healthy meals your family will enjoy and still save room for chocolate treats!!
> And much, much more!

How is the group structured?

Each week will build on the next, and each will help give you confidence in making healthy, lasting changes in your life.

We start by giving you a complete weekly meal plan, then have you fill in the gaps to a partial meal plan. By Week 4, you’ll be creating your own healthy meal plan to fit the needs and tastes of your family.

Some of the topics covered each week:

  • Introduction to clean eating: food groups, reading labels, correct serving sizes, nutrition misconceptions.
  • Tips and tricks for meal planning, meal prep and grocery shopping.
  • Learn how to address emotional eating, and how to create new healthy habits through a daily journaling exercise.
  • Learn how to create their own healthy meal plans using our Eat the Chocolate formula based on the Dietary Gudielines for Americans.
  • Resources for meal ideas on busy nights, including freezing, griddle and slow cooker recipes.
  • Learn how to get kids and other family members involved in meal planning.
Who is behind the Online Meal Planning Course?

Teri Schall has degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. A former First Grade Teacher and Family Child Care Provider, she has most recently developed a passion for nutrition and fitness. Currently, she is a Health and Fitness Coach and enjoys sharing her passion with children, adults and families.

Kathleen Petulla is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in oncology and child and family therapy. As a Health and Fitness Coach, she has grown her passion for connecting physical and emotional health, particularly in learning and teaching how nutrition plays a roll in how we feel.

ETC Nutritionist Lynne Hutchison. She has a background in Middle Childhood Education and coaching, her nutrition passion is to help families bond over a healthy meal, as well as to fight food insecurity within the community. Lynne currently teaches undergraduate Nutrition courses at Kent State University, while finishing her Masters in Nutrition. She is a chocolate-enthusiast and loves making delish dessert recipes with her sister, as well as growing tasty vegetables in her garden.

Healthy Meals.

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