Eat the Chocolate’s Back to Basics Meal Plan…

“With this comprehensive plan it’s easy to be sure you are getting the portions of fruits and vegetables that your body needs!”

Dr. Viki  Mom, Pediatrician

“…a healthy and easy plan that can save my sanity at dinner time and includes chocolate? I am not a planner, and with this, the planning is done! And I get to have chocolate every day!”

Krista B, Child Life Specialist

“I love having everything laid out for me – meals and chocolate snacks each day, recipes AND a grocery list! Doesn’t get much easier than that.  Plus I still get to have my chocolate treats! ”

Julie B, Mom of 2  Receptionist

“Recipes that are healthy ANDmy kids actually eat them is atotal win in our house!  I just wanted the chocolate recipes, but I got an entire meal plan my family loves! Thanks, Eat the Chocolate!!”

Erin K.  Mom of 2, HR Director

“The Egg Muffins are fantastic! My youngest actually ate the “green stuff”. Definitely need to make 2 batches next time. The oatmeal bake made the house smell wonderful. As you can see, we sampled it while warm. Love it! Making the buffalo chicken tomorrow!”

Annette G   Mom of 3, Physical Therapist

“The Eat the Chocolate menu is perfect for a busy family. I love that it takes the guesswork out of planning delicious healthy recipes. I can tell that this program is made by busy mamas for busy mamas! ”

Courtney C.  Mom Attorney

 “ My biggest struggle is just planning, knowing what needs to go with what. I don’t have a ton of time to figure it out, so this is perfect. And the recipes include chocolate? I’m in.”

Julie E.   SAHM of 2

Eat the Chocolate’s Healthy Kids Cooking Class Testimonials..

“My daughter loved the class –this morning she had me check to see how many ingredients were in the apple sauce I buy for her–it’s organic unsweetened so luckily it passed!”         

-Mom of 5 Year Old Chef


“My child had so much fun last night and kept asking when there would be another class!”

-Mom of 6 Year Old Chef



“We celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. The class was a part of my daughter’s Hanukkah present. She said after class the next morning, ‘Some gifts can’t be wrapped!’ We had to address her as ‘chef’ last night!”

-Mom of 5 Year Old Chef


“Having my kids learn how to make healthy food that tastes good is important to me and my family. I want them to start learning how to make good food choices. …and I get a stress-free meal plan with a ton of kid-approved recipes to take home? You can’t beat that!”

-Luci D, Mom of 2